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Directional Heaters

Our collection includes heaters of all sizes with a range of safety features and design options for outdoor or indoor use. We are sure to stock the perfect infrared heater for your domestic, commercial or industrial property.

Why choose Far Infrared directional heaters?

  • Far infrared heaters are fast becoming the energy efficient heating solution of choice, providing 100% efficient heating which is not lost through draughts and circulating air.
  • Infrared heating is ideal for larger spaces because it heats people and objects directly without needing to heat the entire room.
  • Our heaters produce a comfortable, natural heat that feels pleasantly like the warmth of the sun and is gentle on allergies.
  • We stock infrared heaters with almost limitless design options: from basic white heaters to structured glass, mirror or picture panels which will complement and enhance a wide range of interior design schemes.