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Herschel Select XL White XL Panels

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Infrared panels maximise your comfort, heating up fast and warming you directly with a natural heat which feels pleasantly like the warmth of the sun. Unlike sunlight, however, which includes harmful UV rays, infrared heat is a pure heat form using radiant heating which is entirely safe and has absolutely no health risks. In fact, infrared heating carries many health benefits. Unlike convection heaters, which continually move air around the room, disturbing dust and reducing humidity levels, infrared is a gentle heating method which adds nothing and takes nothing from the air. This makes it the perfect heating solution for allergy sufferers because it keeps dust out of the air and prevents skin drying out.

The panels are also exceptionally durable and require the bare minimum of maintenance.

Why choose wall mounted infrared heaters?

  • Wall or ceiling-mounted, ideal for passageways and office ceilings
  • Optimally zoned and controlled
  • An improved level of heating comfort

The heaters use solid state elements with no moving parts and do not use liquids or internal combustion. This means the panel won't wear down quickly and there's no risk of leaking or carbon monoxide production - so your heaters won't need to be inspected or serviced, saving you time and money. All you need to do is keep them clean. Our infrared panels are also entirely silent and will help prevent damp and mould in your walls by keeping them warm.